Cannabis laws are different everywhere

After moving away from  my parents and moving to a state where marijuana was legal, I needed a job.  I had moved into an apartment that was right across the street from a marijuana dispensary.  I had become acquainted with some of the budtenders and I ended up working there. That was two years ago, and now we are beginning a new service in our marijuana dispensary.  We are one of the biggest marijuana dispensaries in the state. We have over sixty strains of marijuana at any given time. We have constant deliveries coming into the store at the rate of three days a week.  Our products are the freshest and finest in the state. A couple of weeks ago, the owner of our marijuana dispensary, came into the store and called a meeting of all employees. We were all given a binder that held all of the latest rules and regulations that pertained to medical and recreational marijuana.  As budtenders, we all needed to be kept apprised of the laws and regulations that came out. She told us that we were going to begin delivery service in our area. We were all thrilled at this announcement. A lot of our clients were always inquiring as to if we would ever be delivering marijuana, and now we could tell them yes.  We were going to need to hire delivery drivers. The first thing we had to make sure was that every driver was clean and they had passed their test for marijuana education or for budtender.

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