I love the smell of cannabis

When I took the leap and moved away from home, I knew that I needed to find a job.  I was able to get a job at the local marijuana dispensary. I had to take the budtender classes, which set me back a bit of money, but I passed and I have been working here for almost two years now.  The marijuana dispensary was one of the first in the state, but now we have grown to have several marijuana dispensaries in every town. We have hours that last late into the evening, and we are always busy.  Our particular store has over fifty strains of marijuana available, for someone to choose from. We have distributors that deliver new products, several times a week. We also pride ourselves on having the freshest and best Bud, in the state.  I had a meeting with the owner of the marijuana dispensary, last week. She called all of the employees in for a meeting. We were discussing starting a delivery service. We had many of our clients coming and asking about delivery, but thus far, we hadn’t offered the service.  We were going to hire delivery drivers. They had to have passed the marijuana education classes or gone to budtender classes. We were all given binders on the rules and regulations that pertain to state laws regarding delivery of marijuana. Whether you were driving or not, you had to have the same education.  The owner of our marijuana dispensary prides herself on hiring only the best and smartest of employees. She plans on demanding the same kind of employees for her drivers.

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