I want to grow cannabis

My brother is the biggest snoop of all time.  I am always telling mom how he is in my room. I told her how he went through my underwear drawer and he was sending pictures to his friends.  They thought I was just being picky with him. I asked for a lock for my bedroom, but they didn’t approve of bedroom door locks. He even found condoms in my room, and that led to a two hour lecture on pregnancy and STD’s.  I couldn’t even tell them that the condoms came from school when they gave us a sex-ed class. He took pictures of me coming out of my own bathroom, and dressed only in a towel. I swear that pervert was selling them to his hockey team.  Last week, I made a big batch of pot brownies. Some of my friends and I were going to the lake for the weekend before graduation. My brother found the brownies and he ate the entire pan of them. I got home and he was passed out in the bathroom.  After putting makeup on him and my dress, I woke him up. He was so high, all he do was giggle. He had smeared the lipstick and he was unaware of anything. I took some pictures of him and put him to bed. The next morning I showed him the pictures.  I told him that if he ever walked into my room, I would show the pictures to everyone in school and to mom and dad. I don’t think he will ever go into my room again.

legal cannabis