Legalized marijuana

Last week, I finally convinced my brother that he will never go into my bedroom again.  I was so tired of him walking into my room without knocking. He had no business being in my room when I wasn’t home.   When I heard his friends talking about seeing me naked, I about killed them. He had taken pictures of me in the shower and sold them to his friends.  He is nothing but a sneaky little freak and I was tired of it. I tried to tell mom and dad, but they think I am just making ‘a mountain out of a molehill’.  They won’t even let me buy a lock for my door. Last year, he took the condoms out of my drawer, that I had got when we had a school presentation on safe sex for the junior class.  I was just waiting for the time when I could get him back and that time came sooner than I realized. I had made a batch of pot brownies for the summer hiking trip with my friends. I had them boxed up and in the closet.  I came home that afternoon, to find my brother passed out in the bathroom. He had my clothing on, mascara was smeared all over his face and he had eyeshadow on his eyes. He began to giggle uncontrollably and I saw the chocolate around his mouth.  The little pervert was high as I kite. I got out my cell phone and I began to take picture. After he sobered up, I emailed him one of the picture. I told him I was going to put them on facebook and email them to mom and dad if he ever walked into my bedroom again.