My brother ate all the pot brownies

My brother may be the sleaziest of boys that I have ever met.  He is always sneaking into my bedroom whether I am there or not.  He took pictures of me sleeping and sold them to his friends. He goes through my drawers and my closet and I think he is stealing some of my stuff.  Last year, we had an assembly for the juniors. They were talking about safe sex, and everyone came home with condoms. He stole the condoms and told mom and dad that he found them in  my room. I didn’t even have the chance to tell them about the assembly. I found him reading my personal journal, and I got in trouble for calling him a pervert. Yesterday, he snooped for the very last time.  I had baked some pot brownies for our graduation party out by the lake. He somehow got into my room and found the bos with the pot brownies. He ate the entire batch of pot brownies that was in that box. I came home to find him on my bathroom floor.  He was giggling and had mascara and eyeshadow smeared all over his face. He had on my bra and panties. I took pictures of him and then sobered him up. I made sure he saw the pictures I took and I told him that if he ever came in my room again, I wouldn’t just show mom and dad the pictures, but I was going to make copies and put them all over the school.  I think I cured him of his snooping in my room.

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