The seeds are germinating

My little brother is the biggest pain in the butt I have ever heard of.  He is always in my room snooping around. I tell mom about his intruding in my privacy, but she just rolls her eyes.  I asked dad if I could put a lock on my door, but I already knew he didn’t believe in locks inside the house. I had been to a school assembly where they talked to the juniors about safe sex.  They gave out condoms to everyone. My brother took the condoms to my room, and I had to sit through a lecture about premarital sex. I couldn’t even tell them about the school assembly. Last month, I came out of the shower, and he stood there with a camera.  He took pictures of me in a towel, and I think he even sold them to his scummy friends. The other day, I made a huge batch of marijuana infused brownies. My friends and I were going to a huge graduation party at the lake. I had the brownies packed in a box in my room.  When I got home, my brother was laying on the bathroom floor. He was laughing and singing and barely coherent. The marijuana infused brownies were gone. He had my lipstick and eyeshadow smeared all over his face, and the mascara was dripping off his eyes. I got my camera and took pictures.  When he sobered up, I asked if the pot brownies were good and I showed him the pictures. I swore to show them all over the school if he ever walked in my room again, and he swore he wouldn’t go in my room again.

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