This is a fun delivery service

I have been working for a marijuana dispensary for about two years now.  At the time I started working there, it was the only marijuana dispensary in our state.  Over the past two years, we have been joined by hundreds, if not thousands of other marijuana dispensaries.  We are all governed by the same rules and regulations. We stay open late into the day, and we always have customers in the store.  We have the biggest inventory of odd strains of marijuana, of any marijuana dispensary in the state. We get new deliveries about three times a week.  This allows us to have the freshest and the finest Bud. Not too long ago, the owner of the marijuana dispensary, called a general meeting for all employees.  She stressed the importance of having only the brightest and best employees in our stores. She also told us that we were going to begin doing deliveries. This was exciting news for all of  us. We had many clients that requests delivery service. Hiring drivers was going to be up to all of us. The drivers had to take the course in marijuana education or the budtender’s course in order to be a driver.  Everyone who worked in the marijuana dispensary had to have one of these courses. We were all given a large binder with the newest rules and regulations that pertain to the medical and recreational marijuana. She told us that everyone in the business needed to be aware of the new legislature that pertains to delivery drivers for marijuana dispensaries.

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